sábado, 4 de febrero de 2012

I will place this somewhere else, but I wanted to publish it ASAP.
Whenever I learn a new tool I immediately think of my students.

Today I've created this video with my beginner school students in mind. The tool is called ESL VIDEO.com. Videos can be uploaded and the excercise generator is very easy.

I also created a quiz for my college students. PROPROFS is a new tool for me. There are different versions (free and paid), but the FREE one runs perfectly well. The tool is really user friendly.

My seminars.

I have enrolled in:

I know I will also visit:



When I joined these Evo sessiosn three years ago, I remember the feeling of permanent puzzlement. Though I am still overwhelmed, I've leanred that my PLE will develop as much as I want/try/can.

So I won't panic and I'll try to find my own pace. And if I cannot fulfill all my tasks, never mind, I have time till EVO 2013!

stella :-)

EVO Sessions

    Every summer I enrol in the biggest worlwide educational experience I know: Electronic Village On Line. They're part of Tesol.

    I've joined EVO sessions three years ago. It is a paradox because we are on holiday during January and February, but I ever have time to rest , read and try to catch up with the myriad of tasks that we are supposed to fulfil.
Every year I open this box full of treasures that turns pretty quickly in a Pandora box that I cannot control!

 I have several blogs, this one will turn into my e-portfolio.


Is there a NEW journey?

Is this really a "new journey"? or just the continuation of a never ending experience? I've been looking for these Flickr spelling tool and finally I got it!

  letter M y letter N letter E w letter w blackboard letter i Pushfit cube letter C T little tikes letter J Foam letter  o U letter R Vintage Wooden Block Letter N eccentric e Y